About Us

We Work Hard To Provide You The Best Quality Content And Business Relations

Focus on the good you can bring to the communities you touch and the families of the people you employ. We offer constant development, growth, and expansion opportunities to our members and supporters.


Our support, development, and encouragement of the next leaders of Community Trusted Advisors is our commitment.

We will learn, develop, and contribute to help out our less fortunate brothers and sisters and their families.


Improving the business conditions of the community trusted advisor by providing sources for capital, knowledge, technology and network. And committing its members to helping those in need by creating charity drives to their passionate causes of interest.


We are the only Latino Multi-Services organization today. We will be the National and Latin American financial services organization of choice and reputation for entrepreneurs.

Our Team

Andre Ureña

Founder & Executive Director

Martin Bueno

Interim President

Minerva Ureña

Creative Director, Co-Founder​

Andree Ochoa

Information & Technology Director

Antonio Nava

Damiano Raigoza


Irene Raigoza


Miguel S. Romero

VP, Public Relations Director

Luisa Alvarez Luna

Tax Training Director

Rocio Parra

Community Outreach Director

Karla Silva

Communications Director

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