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Discover the Value of LAPA Membership


LAPA fights for our members on Capitol Hill, in your state and in the communities where you do business.


In-depth economic analyses of the insurance, tax, real estate, and other community industries to help you gain insight into the issues and trends driving the market.


LAPA’s educational programs and professional designations provide opportunities to improve your skills and advance your career.


Discover opportunities to build relationships with fellow professionals, future customers, and providers.


With our extensive financing ability and accesswe can help finance your future projects, locations, expansions, mergers, acquisitions, etc.


Members receive exclusive discounts and private offers on a wide range of products and services offered by our affiliates and proud supporters.You get all of these tremendousbenefits for only $.25 a day,less than a cup of coffee .

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LAPA members commit to each other as a constant resource. In our unity, we define our strength. In our transparency we define our ethics and character. Let’s never forget, we are all in constant search for better ways to manage our business and service our consumers.

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